Thursday, July 24, 2014

Va da Vie Gelato - Park Road Shopping Center

I have a new love: Va da Vie Gelato. The retro-chic shop (if the Jetson's owned a gelato joint, I'm pretty sure it would look like the interior of this place) is located in a cute wooden building smack dab in the middle of the Park Road Shopping Center. I recently visited and was able to try a few of the night's featured flavors: almond, chocolate hazelnut, and pistachio. They also make fruit sorbets (my friend Marie and my brother's girlfriend, Keagan are both big fans of the strawberry) that I'm looking forward to trying on a future visit.

Small cup of almond gelato
Medium cup of half-chocolate hazelnut, half-pistachio gelato

The gelato and sorbet is all made in the store with fancy imported ingredients (the website says their pistachios are grown in "volcanic soil at the base of [Sicily's] Mount Aetna and only harvested every 2 years" and the hazelnuts are from the Piemonte region of Italy) as well as local milk, cream, and produce.  The gelato/sorbet is crafted in big, shiny, industrial-looking machines and the day's selection of flavors are sold in small, medium, and large-sized cups.  While the servings look relatively small compared to what you'll get at Ben & Jerry's or another ice cream shop, the heavenly, rich gelato is dense and insanely filling. Even on an extra-hungry night, the small would make a perfectly-sized portion (unless you want a half-and-half cup, which is only available in medium or large). Of all the flavors I've sampled, my favorite is definitely the uber-delicious chocolate hazelnut -it's like Nutella, but places greater emphasis on the hazelnuts than the chocolate. The pistachio is also an excellent combo of savory and sweet flavors, and is a favorite of both BFTB and my dad. The almond was a little sweeter than I expected, but still incredibly tasty, and definitely something I would order again. 

All in all, I'm really excited that Va da Vie has set up shop in the Park Road Shopping Center (especially because it is much closer to my house than my other favorite dessert spot, Pinkberry). The gelato is a little pricey, but the outstanding quality makes it worth every penny. For dessert, Va da Vie Gelato gets a 9.25/10.

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  1. Looks good. I'm also in the Charlotte area. Look forward to reading more!