Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mayobird - Dilworth

I have a weird relationship with mayonnaise. I think it looks weird (Is it lumpy? Is it smooth? I just don't get it!), smells dirty, and is all-around horrifying when standing alone, but I am a big fan of a lot of dishes that contain mayonnaise and I even love me some mayo-based condiments. Mix some jalapeƱos in it (I'm a big fan of this recipe smothered on a burger), and I'm on board. Throw in some lemon and call it an aioli, and I'm even more intrigued. But the thought of a glob of plain mayo makes me want to yack. I admit it, I'm weird.

Despite my bizarre mayo-related idiosyncrasies, I have been pretty excited to check out The Mayobird, a restaurant devoted to chicken salad, since I heard it was coming to the old Bruegger's location on East Boulevard. My mom and I decided to drop in for a lunch date today and I can enthusiastically report that we are officially Mayobird fans! The menu features fifteen varieties of chicken salad and some non-chicken options (BLTs, egg salad, tuna salad, pimento cheese, etc.) that are available in several different forms: salads, basic sandwiches, melt sandwiches, New England roll-style sandwiches, and sliders. Mayobird also offers a variety of Southern-inspired sides including redneck caviar (blackeyed pea salad), copper pennies (cold carrot salad), homemade pita chips, grape salad, and broccoli salad. A little overwhelmed by the number of options, my mom and I both decided to get an order of sliders and a side of broccoli salad to share. This ended up being more than enough food and we each left with about half of our food boxed up.

The broccoli salad consisted of fat broccoli florets, golden raisins, and thick bacon pieces swimming (seriously, swimming) in a soup of sweet, mayo-based dressing. While the quantity of dressing was a little out of control (I had to pick up each piece of broccoli and let the dressing drain off the broccoli a bit before taking each bite), it was really tasty (although I think the broccoli salad at Poppy's Bagels is a little better).

For my mom's three slider choices, she went with the Original, the Nuts & Berries (almonds and cranberries), and the Blue Bird (blue cheese and walnuts), all with added lettuce and tomato. The sliders were served on delicious, soft little buns that are brought in daily from Nova's Bakery. She liked all three, especially when they were seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. My favorite of all the chicken salads I tasted was the Nuts & Berries. The cranberries added a little bit of tartness and sweetness that went well with the savoriness of the chicken salad. The best quality, however, was the fact that the salads were packed with chicken, not fillers or extreme amounts of mayo. Some people might find the salads to be a bit dry, but I definitely prefer that to a soggy mess. 

For my slider choices, I went with the Blue Bird, the Big Bird (curry), and the non-mayo-based Italian (pesto and sundried tomatoes). Like my mom, I also thought that all three of my sliders needed a sprinkling of salt and pepper, but the flavors were really tasty, without being overwhelming. It was nice to get a hint of blue cheese, curry, and pesto without being bombarded by the typically strong flavors. My favorite of my three choices was the Big Bird, and it was nice to go back to work after eating it without fearing that my breath was nightmarish (hopefully my coworkers will agree).

All in all, The Mayobird has two new members of its fan club and both my mom and I can't wait to return to try some of the other options (both the Melt and the homemade pita chips will definitely be on my to-order list). As far as lunch spots go, I expect that The Mayobird will be making it into my regular rotation and it gets a strong 8/10.

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