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Bang Bang Burgers - Elizabeth

I'm fairly certain that Bang Bang Burgers has been "Coming Soon!" for the past century (and I'm only barely exaggerating), so I was really excited when I discovered that the restaurant finally opened up for business this past December. After hearing a glowing review of the place from two of my foodie friends, BFTB and I headed over and snagged some take-out on a recent evening. We were fairly impressed, but determined that everything probably would have been even better (especially the french fries) had we eaten our meals on site. We hurried back in order to test our hypothesis and are happy to report that, as predicted, we liked the food even more on our second go-round.

Over the course of our two visits, BFTB and I tried the Guacamole Burger and the Portabella & Gruyere Burger off the regular menu as well as two burgers from the specials menu, the Pimento Burger and the Summer Pork Belly Burger. We also nommed down on both the french fries (included as a side with the burgers) and the onion rings.

I'm quite possibly the world's biggest onion ring fan (second, perhaps, only to my mother). I suppose it comes with the territory, but I'm also quite particular about my onion rings (but not quite as particular as I am about my fried pickles, see here, here, or here). To me, the perfect O-ring is airy, salty, crispy, thick-cut, beer-battered, and passes the bite test (you can take a big chomp out of the middle and the remainder of the ring will stay intact). Fortunately, Bang Bang Burgers' onion rings fit the bill and had all of the above characteristics. 

The fries were also really good, but didn't hold a candle to the outstanding onion rings. Even after they sat through a fifteen-minute car ride, the fries were really flavorful, albeit (expectedly) soggy. When we ate at the restaurant, however, they were perfectly crispy and all-around delicious. The skin-on fries were cut into medium-sized strips and served in a really cute paper-lined metal canister. Like the onion rings, they were greasy and salty, but not out of control on either front. 

Pimento Burger

Of all the burgers that BFTB and I tried, my favorite was the Pimento Burger. If there was one food that I wished it was socially acceptable to eat by the pound, it would be pimento cheese. The sweet and salty combo of sharp chedder, pickled peppers, and fatty mayo and/or cream cheese is quite possibly the cheese god's most glorious gift to the dairy-consuming world. Bang Bang Burgers ups the ante by mixing both jalapenos and bacon into their pimento cheese. Served in a big, melty glob along with a handful of perfectly-fried pickle chips, the combo was really, really good. The meat itself was also really tasty. Bang Bang gives you the option of a single burger (one four-ounce patty) or a double burger (two four-ounce patties), and while they state that their burgers are cooked to order, the lowest temp they will serve is medium. BFTB and I opted for medium-cooked single burgers on each occasion, and were pleased with both the quality and the temperature of the meat. If we had any complaints, it would be that the bun, while delicious, buttery, and perfectly-toasted, was way too big relative to the rest of the sandwich. The bread dwarfed the patty to the point that it drowned out the awesome flavors of the beef and toppings.

Summer Pork Belly Burger

We also really liked the other burgers we tried. The Summer Pork Belly Burger was topped with sweet soy-glazed pork belly, napa cabbage, and Asian pear sesame slaw. While it's darn near impossible to screw up pork belly and thus, I wasn't shocked that it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, I was also really impressed by the slaw. Its fruity sweetness was great with the salty, soy-y burger patty, and made for a really spectacular combo.

Portabella & Gruyere Burger

Guacamole Burger

The burgers from the regular menu were also really tasty. The Portabella & Gruyere Burger was topped with thick strips of grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled onions, melted Gruyere cheese, and whole grain mustard. The thick strips of grilled mushroom were earthy and sweet, which was especially tasty with the melty, nutty Gruyere. The Guacamole Burger was topped with shaved red onion, fire-roasted corn guacamole, and the restaurant's signature Bangburger sauce. I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce and felt that it was completely unnecessary with the insanely juicy and overstuffed sandwich, but enjoyed the other components. 

All in all, we really enjoyed Bang Bang Burgers and are excited to have a new burger joint to add some diversity to our usual rotation of Bad Daddy's and Kickstand. For burgers, Bang Bang Burgers gets an 8.25/10.

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