Monday, January 6, 2014

Zada Jane's Corner Cafe - Plaza Midwood

After falling asleep at an exhilarating 11:30 PM on New Year's Eve, BFTB and I woke up early on New Year's Day and decided to forego our normal breakfast go-to (sandwiches from Common Market) and head out for an actual sit-down meal. Because I refused to change out of my self-declared winter holidays uniform (leggings, fleece, and 6-year-old Ugg's), we were limited to casual options and settled on eating at Zada Jane's Corner Cafe in Plaza Midwood. The last couple of times I'd eaten there were only memorable for the unreasonably slow service, but I was excited to give the restaurant another chance. We arrived around 9:30 AM, snagged a parking spot behind the restaurant (major score!), and were seated at a booth near the door (which is definitely worth avoiding unless you like sporadic blasts of arctic air).

After putting my jacket back on, we quickly reviewed the menu and made our selections: the Blazing Saddles Omelette, wheat toast, and a side of fruit for BFTB and the Belvedere Omelette (with added bacon), a biscuit, and a side of grits (with added goat cheese) for me. Clearly my 2014 resolution to make healthier food choices was going well. Just as I remembered from my previous visits, the service was a little pokey, but fortunately, the food was worth the wait. 

Blazing Saddles Omelette

BFTB's Blazing Saddles Omelette was stuffed with all of his favorite things -black beans, chipotle chicken, pepper jack, and jalapenos- and was topped with a sprinkle of salsa as well as a scoop of sour cream. It was super tasty and very filling. The eggs were fluffy and fresh-tasting (nothing like the freshman year dorm food-style egg liquid a lot of other casual restaurants seem to use), the chicken was juicy, smoky, and slightly spicy, and the salsa and black beans were tasty accompaniments (and with the quantity of beans that were loaded into his meal, I definitely understand why it's called the Blazing Saddles Omelette). I didn't sample BFTB's lame side choices or his coffee, but he said the coffee was definitely above average -a pretty big compliment in his book.

Belvedere Omelette

While I was a fan of BFTB's order, I can confidently say that my Belvedere Omelette was even better. Stuffed with wilted baby spinach, goat cheese, roasted garlic, mushrooms, fresh tomato chunks, and an absurd quantity of the bacon I'd gluttonously requested to be added in, it was an overloaded half moon of gloriousness. I thought the egg exterior was somewhat overcooked, but I really didn't have any other complaints. The fluffy, buttery biscuit was equally delightful, especially when smothered with a blob of the restaurant's berry jelly (they also keeps apple butter on the tables, but it reminds me of the chunky black goo that my oral surgeon stuffed into my jaw after I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I'm not a huge fan). My grits were thick, creamy, and the goat cheese addition was a great choice (if I do say so myself...). Instead of just hurling a hunk of chevre into the grits as an afterthought (ahem, Biscuithead), somebody had the genius idea to broil the grits post-cheese addition. As a result, the goat cheese was warm, creamy, and blended beautifully into the grits. With a few shakes of Texas Pete (I love that ish, I'd seriously put it on anything), they were even more delicious. 

All in all, we were both really pleased with our meals and will certainly be back to Zada Jane's in the near future. After this good experience, I'm also interested to check out their dinner options. For breakfast, Zada Jane's gets an 8.5/10.

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