Friday, November 8, 2013

Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar - Southpark

Like any normal human being (or teenage mutant ninja turtle), I'm a big fan of pizza. Any food that is somewhat socially acceptable to eat for every meal of the day is a-okay in my book. Although Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar opened back in the summer of 2012, my aversion to driving in the Southpark area had kept me away until I recently checked it out with my friends Noora, Lauren, and Javier. While our service that night was less than stellar (the ordering/food-receiving process was indescribably slow and we had a painfully awkward/bizarre server), the pizza was good enough that I returned two weeks later with BFTB in tow. 

House-Made Lamb Sausage Pizza

When one of my friends asked what the restaurant looked like, I explained that the vibe was rustic-modern-chic (that makes sense, right?). There's a heavy emphasis on clean lines, dark colors, and wood (it even covers the ceilings) and the whole place just looks and feels cool, yet approachable. The menu gives the same impression and features classic Italian items with interesting twists (smoked salmon pizza, anyone?). 

Spicy Shrimp Pizza

My first visit was on a Tuesday, which is conveniently the night Wolfgang Puck's offers all their bottles of wine over $20 at half price. The beverage list is pretty substantial and features lots of good wine options from all around the world including a splurgeworthy chardonnay from one of my favorite Napa Valley vineyards, Grgich Hills. Other weeknight specials mean that something's almost always cheap-ish to drink at Wolfgang Puck's -a big plus in my book!

Chicken & Broccolini Pizza

As far as food goes, I ate the house-made lamb sausage pizza on my first go-round and the little neck clam & garlic pizza on visit number two (and by "ate," I mean that I devoured the entire pizza on both occasions). I also got to sample both the chicken & broccolini pizza and the spicy shrimp pizza. After chomping down on my first slice, I realized that I'd been an idiot for not having checked out the restaurant sooner. As a big carb-lover, I'm convinced that a pizza can be either perfected or destroyed by the quality of its crust. That said, the crust on these pizzas is quite possibly my favorite pizza crust... in... the... world (I hope those sets of ellipses conveyed my intended dramaticism). When I was little and my parents ordered pizza (usually as a precursor to a night of T.G.I.F.-watching), my older brother and I would always fight over who got to eat the piece with the bubble in the crust. To be clear, I've always had a special place in my heart for things that look kind of weird (lumpy pumpkins, dogs with squished faces, extra warty walruses, etc.), but I'm truly convinced that a bubbly crust is not just aesthetically-pleasing (or at least aesthetically-interesting) but is crunchier, and therefore tastier, than its solid crust counterparts. Wolfgang Puck's crust is the bubbliest I've ever seen and is, therefore, super freaking awesome.

Littleneck Clam & Garlic Pizza

Fortunately, the deliciousness that is Wolfgang Puck's pizza does not just stop at the base layer. For the most part, each of the toppings was fresh, tasty, and was included in perfect proportion to the other ingredients. If I had to rank the pizzas, my favorite would be the littleneck clam & garlic (so insanely garlicky, and the clams were sweet, delicious, and exceptionally prepared), followed by the chicken & broccolini (almost excellent, but the chicken was a little dry), then the spicy shrimp (pretty good, but there's a cheaper option sold at Brixx that might be tastier), and finally the lamb sausage (good, but the sausage itself let me down and its spices clashed with the spices in the pizza). All in all, I was a big fan of Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar and both BFTB and I decided that it's hands down the best pizza in Charlotte. For pizza, Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar gets a 9/10.

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  1. Jeezum-crow, that looks like spectacular pizza. Okay, you have moved this onto my must-try list.

    1. Awesome! I'd recommend going in with low expectations service-wise, but hopefully you'll like the food as much as I do! Let me know what you think!!