Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunflour Baking Company - Elizabeth

This morning, BFTB and I decided to grab some breakfast at Sunflour Baking Company before heading out for a Sunday full of errand-doing and football-watching. The restaurant is located in the Pecan Pointe Shopping Center, an area I've probably driven by 100+ times, but never actually explored. 

We got in line, studied the menu, and placed our orders: a bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich on a croissant for me, a bacon, egg, and gruyere on sourdough for BFTB, and a Nutella pop tart to share. I was excited when I discovered that Sunflour had 13 different varieties of Rishi loose-leaf tea on their menu, but immediately became less enthused when I spotted the $3.50 price tag for a 12 ounce pot. Assuming that it had to be spiked with gold or some other precious metal, I decided to splurge on the jasmine green tea while BFTB ordered a large drip coffee for himself. 

Our Nutella pop tart before...

...and after we dissected it.
The cashier handed us our drinks and our pop tart and we grabbed two seats at the counter facing 7th street while we waited for our sandwiches. Unfortunately, neither of us were very impressed with our beverages. BFTB said quality-wise, his coffee was below Starbucks and was neither as rich nor as sharp as he would have preferred. My tea was served in a French press... but that was pretty much the only good part about it. The tea tasted like it had mated wih a mug of burnt coffee, leaving me to assume that the restaurant uses the same French presses for all beverages. I hoped the coffee flavor would diminish over time, but it seemed to only get worse as I continued to drink it. Super lame.

I pushed the tea aside and dug into our pop tart. The Nutella filling was delicious (duh, it's Nutella), but that was the best part. The shortbread-style crust was flaky, buttery, and topped with a heavy-handed sprinkling of white sugar, but it was bland, floury, and just wasn't worth $3.95 for one pastry. 

BFTB's ham, egg, and gruyere sandwich on toasted sourdough

The main problem with BFTB's sandwich was that it was made with ham instead of bacon as he'd requested. While I'm not normally afraid to send an incorrect item back to the kitchen, BFTB's a little nicer than me and decided to eat his sandwich as it came (he also wasn't patient enough to wait another ten minutes for replacement food). I usually don't go with ham, but it was thick-cut and was not excessively salty. Gruyere is one of my favorite cheeses and, as I expected, it was nutty and delicious, especially in combination with the tangy, toasted sourdough dough. All together, the sandwich was pretty good but it cost almost $7.50 and just wasn't worth the price (can you catch a theme here?). My sandwich was even more disappointing. The croissant might have been better if it was untoasted, but as it was served, it was almost burnt, fell apart as I ate it, and honestly, didn't taste any better than a croissant from Costco. The bacon was thick, which was a plus, but the cheese was slimy and the egg wasn't anything special. And (surprise, surprise) the sandwich just seemed overpriced. This is Charlotte, people. If you're going to make me spend that much on a breakfast sandwich, it better knock my socks off.

My bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese sandwich on a croissant

I really, really wanted to like Sunflour Baking Company, especially because it is only a short hike from my house, but I left bummed. I'm still intrigued by some of their lunch sandwiches, especially the grilled banana and nutella panini and the avo melt, which consists of avocado, goat cheese, basil, tomato, and spinach on toasted bread. However, I don't think I'll be heading back to Sunflour anytime soon. While we spent almost $25 on breakfast, the food wasn't that good, BFTB's order was wrong, and my tea tasted like the water that sloshes around in the bottom of a trash can. For breakfast, Sunflour Baking Company gets a 5/10.

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  1. Recognizing that I am a grammar and usage snob, a fun fact for all to know and tell is that Panini is a plural noun. The singular form of Panini is Panino so, unless one is ordering an armload of pressed sandwiches, one orders a panino.

    1. Who knew!?! I just might have to eat a panino in celebration of learning this important information!