Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinkberry - The Arboretum & Phillip's Place

Alright world, I've got a bone to pick with the Queen City... The frozen yogurt scene is full of choices but, for the most part, they're all garbage. Even my old (and by "old," I mean from June) standby's, Menchie's and Tasty Yo, have become disappointing. Menchie's keeps underwhelming me with excessively sweet, artificial flavors and an increasingly messy toppings bar while Tasty Yo's yogurt has plummeted in quality. I had almost convinced myself that I had fallen out of love with froyo when I re-discovered the gloriousness that is Pinkberry

As evidenced by the ridiculous quantity of pictures I have of our various froyo concoctions, BFTB and I have been visiting Pinkberry... a lot. We normally hit up the Phillip's Place location but were becoming a little ashamed of the frequency of our trips and decided to switch things up and try the Arboretum location. While the two stores look a little different from each other (the Arboretum Pinkberry is narrower and more cave-like than its Phillip's Place counterpart), the yogurt and toppings are just as tasty and fresh at one location as the next. 

Pinkberry is a little different from most froyo joints in that an employee pumps your yogurt and then (for an additional flat cost) adds as many toppings as can fit into your cup. Being the fiscally responsible young lady that I am, I like to get my money's worth by attempting to smother every square inch of yogurt with some form of fruit or candy. While self-serve froyo options are certainly trendy and probably more satisfying to type-A yogurt eaters, my inner-germophobe is a big fan of an employee preparing my food. Pinkberry only offers six flavors and 3 swirls at a time, but the flavors are all pretty good. On my most recent trip to the Phillip's Place Pinkberry, they had just started offering a new hot chocolate flavor. It is really sweet and creamy, unlike their normal, borderline bitter-flavored chocolate. My favorites of their current flavors include peach (tart, reasonably sweet, and a surprisingly good mix with almost every other flavor), original, and coconut. They also have butter pecan, which BFTB really likes, but I think is too sweet, and cherry, which tastes a lot like Dimetapp. In my perfect world, Pinkberry would constantly have their outstanding peanut butter flavor on tap, but sadly it's been out of the rotation for at least a solid month or two. 

The toppings at Pinkberry are also stellar. While I would like to see some cookie dough bites make an appearance, I really don't have any other complaints. The fruit is always fresh and cut into perfect, bite-sized pieces. The sweets selections are also good but are fairly run-of-the-mill with the exception of my two favorite toppings: the waffle cookies and the dark chocolate crisps. 

Although I hope that some of the other Charlotte froyo joints will step up their game, Pinkberry is officially the new winner in my book. For frozen yogurt, both the Phillip's Place and Arboretum Pinkberry locations get a 9/10.

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  1. I certainly am interested in Pinkberry & appreciate their pricing philosophy. Charging me for stuff that's part of the standard customer experience is as aggravating as being charged for valve stems when I buy new tires. Toppings are as integral to the frozen yogurt experience; don't charge extra for them, just price your product accordingly (yay Pinkberry).

    One thought to ponder: when did Americans decide it was too much effort to say the whole words 'frozen yogurt'?

    1. Pretty sure we're forced to endure a future of butchered abbreviations given that we now communicate primarily in 140 characters or less. . .

      Did that answer meet Twitter's limit?