Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bagel Bin - Huntersville

On our quest to find an outstanding sandwich in the greater Charlotte area, BFTB and I recently headed up to Huntersville to check out the Northcross location of Bagel Bin & Deli. Although it was one of my favorite places to eat during high school, I hadn't visited the shop in quite a few years and was a little nervous that it wouldn't be as delicious as I remembered. Fortunately, we did not leave disappointed.

We arrived around 11 AM and the long line of customers was already dangerously close to spilling out the door. I took this as a good sign, however, and we happily filed into place at the tail end of the queue. It took more than 15 minutes before we finally reached the register where we placed our orders: sausage, tomato, egg, and jalapeño cream cheese on a toasted Hawaiian bagel for me and ham, egg, and provolone cheese on a toasted spinach bagel for BFTB.

Ham, egg, and provolone on a toasted spinach bagel

After waiting around for a few minutes, our sandwiches were plated and passed across the counter for us to pick up. We snagged a small table in the center of the dining area and enthusiastically began to stuff our faces. I expected BFTB's combo of ham, egg, and provolone to be overwhelmingly salty, but I was delighted to discover that this was not the case. I also really liked that the sandwich's rich and savory innards were balanced out by the smooth, fresh, and almost sweet taste of the spinach bagel. 

Hawaiian bagel with sausage, egg, tomato, and jalapeño cream cheese 

Although BFTB's bagel was really good, mine was better. The sausage was rich and herbacious and the egg was perfectly cooked (nothing like the dried out mess I was served at Verde). I wholeheartedly contend that a good slice of tomato can turn a good breakfast sandwich into a great breakfast sandwich, and this was no exception -the tomato added a perfect amount of soft, juicy sweetness. The jalapeño cream cheese was also extraordinarily good. I recently tried (and really enjoyed) the new-ish jalapeño cream cheese from Owen's Bagel & Deli, but Bagel Bin's version blew Owens' out of the water. It tasted sweet, tangy, spicy, and most importantly, fresh and it was a really great compliment to the sausage. The best part of the entire meal, however, was the Hawaiian bagel. Whoever came up with the idea of combining pineapple with bagel dough needs to be inducted into Mensa or receive some kind of Nobel Prize... stat. The rich, sweet dough beautifully complimented the savory, spicy sandwich ingredients and had me dreaming of other food items to spike with pineapple juice.

All in all, we were both incredibly happy with our Bagel Bin experience, despite the long line and somewhat slow service. While everything we ate was tasty, I especially recommend the spinach bagel, the jalapeño cream cheese, and the Hawaiian bagel (times 10 million). For breakfast sandwiches, Bagel Bin gets a 9/10.

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  1. Hahaha introduced into Mensa :) I Totally agree with this review, bagel bin bagels are the best ones I've had south of NYC. Although my eyes became large with concern when you said you got a Hawaiian bagel with your breakfast sandwich, I will trust you on this one as it sounded like it worked out well.

    1. I strongly contend that Hawaiian is ALWAYS the right choice!