Wednesday, August 28, 2013

King of Pops - Various Locations

Recently, BFTB and I were driving down Central Avenue when I spotted a group of three hipster-looking guys crossing the street and chowing down on popsicles. I excitedly put the clues together and decided that the King of Pops cart had to be nearby! I've spotted it on previous occasions (it seems to frequently park in front of JJ' s Red Hots on East Blvd. and near Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa) but I've never had enough time to stop and buy one. My inner fatty came out and I immediately declared that our plans would have to wait -we had a popsicle cart to track down! Fortunately we didn't have to put too much energy into our search and we quickly located King of Pops half a block away in a shady spot near Snug Harbor.

We walked up (actually I skipped up, I was so excited) and thankfully nobody else was waiting because we spent an embarrassing amount of time debating our flavor options. I considered ordering either the Lemon Ricotta or the Fresh NC Peach, but ultimately settled on the Lemon Basil while BFTB went with the Chocolate Sea Salt. While we had cash at the time, I'm usually an I-forgot-to-go-to-the-ATM type of girl so I was really happy to discover that they accept both paper and plastic currency. Oh, how I love thee, modern technology!

Excited, popsicle-eating faces!

The cart girl (I'm not sure of her official title, but I definitely think she should be referred to as the "popsicle princess") unwrapped our popsicles for us (a nice touch since we didn't have to carry around a wet, sticky wrapper) and we each took a taste. Both were great! BFTB's Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle was thick, creamy, and when I stole a bite, it tasted like rich, dark chocolate with a savory aftertaste. My Lemon Basil popsicle was icier in texture, but the fruit-herb combo was sweet, tart, and refreshing all at the same time -a perfect choice for the hot afternoon. As much as one could love a popsicle, I did. I'll definitely be stalking King of Pops on Twitter to track them down and make a return trip to try some of their other flavors. I feel a little silly rating a popsicle, especially since I can't think of any competition, but on the icy treat front, King of Pops reigns supreme (I can't help myself...) and gets an 8.75/10.

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  1. I love, love, love King of Pops! I usually stalk them on Twitter so I can find their daily locations (and love, love, love that they post where they are on Twitter!

    Our blogs have similar concepts, and I have really enjoyed exploring yours!

  2. I just stalked them down so I could stock my work freezer.... only to discover that I didn't have my wallet. If only Twitter could remind me where my belongings were...

    And I just realized that you're Emily's friend! We should all do some eating in the near future :)