Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Penn Station East Coast Subs (& Contest Alert!!) - South End

Despite my love for all things sandwich-y and Philly Cheesesteak-y, I'd never been to a Penn Station East Coast Subs location until last week. Some of my friends and I have recently gotten into Flywheel, an insanely sweat-inducing and calorie-burning version of "stadium cycling" (check it out! your first class is free!), and I've been pretty proud of my sudden interest in fitness and personal health (let's see how long this lasts...). I convinced my little brother Andy to tag along to a class last week, and we rewarded ourselves afterwards with a trip to Penn Station East Coast Subs. I would like to note that all of my brothers are pretty good examples of in shape-ness, but Andy is my P90X-doing, Purple Heart and Bronze Star-awarded superhero of a 21-year-old Army veteran brother, and even he was 100% gassed when the class was over... so we deserved a carbohydrate-y reward, right?

We picked BFTB up on our way to the restaurant and debated our options for a bit before settling on an 8" Philly Cheesesteak with fries (Andy), a 6" Sausage sub with fries (me), and a 6" Chicken Teriyaki sub (BFTB). Andy also ordered a ginormous fresh-squeezed lemonade and mixed it with sweet tea to make himself a mighty delicious Arnold Palmer.

Philly Cheesesteak

Sausage Sub

Chicken Teriyaki Sub (minus mushrooms because BFTB is fungus-averse)

All three of us were very pleased with our sandwiches and also enjoyed chowing down on the fresh-cut French fries. The fries were cut medium-thick (skin on!) and cooked to a nice level of golden brown. They were crunchy and really salty -just what I wanted after a big workout. The Chicken Teriyaki sandwich was juicy and loaded with onions. While BFTB opted to 86 the mushrooms, I definitely think they'd be a good addition to the sandwich. I also really enjoyed my Sausage Sandwich. It was even cheesier than BFTB's sandwich and was chock full of onions, green peppers, and a really zesty pizza sauce (pizza sauce on a sandwich?! yes please!). Of all three sandwiches, however, Andy's Philly Cheesesteak was definitely my favorite (this was probably obvious to Andy, who let me finish his sandwich when he reached an extreme level of stuffed-ness halfway in). The Cheesesteak consisted of 100% U.S.D.A. Choice sliced steak, provolone, sautéed onions, fresh mushrooms, banana peppers, spicy-brown mustard, and mayo (you can also opt to add pizza sauce to this one too). 

All in all, if you like Cheesesteaks, ooey gooey sandwiches in general, or are just a big fan of the opportunity to add pizza sauce to just about anything, you should probably check out Penn Station East Coast Subs. The restaurant has four locations in Charlotte (Remount Rd., Providence Rd., Steele Creek, and Park Rd.), so it's fairly convenient for anybody living or working around and south of Uptown. 

Now for the exciting part! Penn Station East Coast Subs has offered me $10 gift certificates to give away to two lucky sandwich-eaters! To get yourself in the running, follow @PennStationSubs on Twitter and let the Twitter world know how you order your Philly Cheesesteak (using #BestTaste). Shoot me an email ( afterwards to let me know that you've done so and I'll randomly select two winners on Saturday, April 6th!

Note- The meal described in this post was provided free of charge.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poppy's Bagels and More - Cotswold

If you've read any of this blog before, you've probably caught on to a few things: a) I love breakfast; b) I love sandwiches; and c) I really love breakfast sandwiches. And if a bagel happens to be involved, even better. I was recently introduced to Poppy's Bagels andddd I do not know what rock I have been living under. Holy cow, that is how you make a bagel.

One of my coworkers brought a selection of bagels and cream cheeses from Poppy's into our office recently and, being somewhat overwhelmed with options, I did what any normal person would do -tried a bit of almost everything. I sampled the plain, pumpernickel, and sesame seed bagels as well as the plain, veggie, and maple walnut flavors of cream cheese. 

The bagels themselves were moist, chewy, and somewhat dense on the inside and crispy on the outside. I really enjoyed them, but they were huge and really filling (I will acknowledge that eating three types of bagels may have contributed to the "filling" part...). The plain and sesame seed varieties weren't particularly notable, but the pumpernickel was really interesting and delicious. The dough was complex, yeasty, a bit sour, and surprisingly rich. It tasted almost coffee-like (which was a good thing, despite the fact that I am not a huge coffee fan) and would be an excellent base for a sandwich. 

While the bagels on their own were pretty darn delicious (probably the best in Charlotte other than the Hawaiian bagel from Bagel Bin), the cream cheese was the star. I'm not normally a big fan of anything "plain," but I was delighted to discover that the plain flavor was creamy, tangy, and complex. The maple walnut cream cheese was alright (I'm just not a huge fan of sweet varieties of schmear), but the veggie flavor was loaded with fresh, little slivers of carrot, scallion, and pepper and was out-of-control good. 

The next weekend, BFTB and I set out on our standard Saturday morning breakfast excursion, but decided to hit up Poppy's rather than one of our normal haunts. We ordered breakfast sandwiches (shocking, I know) and, at the last minute, threw in a request for a side of the broccoli salad (seriously, every single thing in the Poppy's deli case looks amazing... I need to head back and try the chicken salad ASAP). 

BFTB's bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich was relatively standard, but was really good. As he explained, "It's probably not going to blow the doors off anything, but if you're craving a basic sandwich, it'll hit the mark."  My bacon, egg, tomato, and jalapeno cream cheese sandwich had a little more going on, but was still fairly middle-of-the-pack. Each element, however, was done really, really well (especially the insanely delicious jalapeno cream cheese... it was honestly the best that I have ever ingested), there just wasn't anything about the sandwich as a whole that completely knocked my socks off. 

On the other hand, our late addition, the broccoli salad, did knock my socks off. It was simultaneously sweet (thanks to the dressing) and savory (thanks to the incredibly abundant bacon pieces) and the broccoli itself was crunchy, fresh, and almost had me fooled into thinking that I was eating something healthy. We polished off each and every piece and I'm drooling just thinking about returning for more.

All in all, I am super stoked that I recently became acquainted with the gloriousness that is Poppy's Bagels. Strangely, even though the individual elements were, for the most part really delicious (I'm looking at you pumpernickel bagel and jalapeno cream cheese), they just didn't come together as well as I'd hoped they would in sandwich form. Regardless, I can't wait to return to try more of the bagels, cream cheeses (I'm especially excited about testing the salmon spread), and delicious-looking deli offerings. For breakfast food, Poppy's gets an 8/10.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bang Bang Burgers - Elizabeth

I'm fairly certain that Bang Bang Burgers has been "Coming Soon!" for the past century (and I'm only barely exaggerating), so I was really excited when I discovered that the restaurant finally opened up for business this past December. After hearing a glowing review of the place from two of my foodie friends, BFTB and I headed over and snagged some take-out on a recent evening. We were fairly impressed, but determined that everything probably would have been even better (especially the french fries) had we eaten our meals on site. We hurried back in order to test our hypothesis and are happy to report that, as predicted, we liked the food even more on our second go-round.

Over the course of our two visits, BFTB and I tried the Guacamole Burger and the Portabella & Gruyere Burger off the regular menu as well as two burgers from the specials menu, the Pimento Burger and the Summer Pork Belly Burger. We also nommed down on both the french fries (included as a side with the burgers) and the onion rings.

I'm quite possibly the world's biggest onion ring fan (second, perhaps, only to my mother). I suppose it comes with the territory, but I'm also quite particular about my onion rings (but not quite as particular as I am about my fried pickles, see here, here, or here). To me, the perfect O-ring is airy, salty, crispy, thick-cut, beer-battered, and passes the bite test (you can take a big chomp out of the middle and the remainder of the ring will stay intact). Fortunately, Bang Bang Burgers' onion rings fit the bill and had all of the above characteristics. 

The fries were also really good, but didn't hold a candle to the outstanding onion rings. Even after they sat through a fifteen-minute car ride, the fries were really flavorful, albeit (expectedly) soggy. When we ate at the restaurant, however, they were perfectly crispy and all-around delicious. The skin-on fries were cut into medium-sized strips and served in a really cute paper-lined metal canister. Like the onion rings, they were greasy and salty, but not out of control on either front. 

Pimento Burger

Of all the burgers that BFTB and I tried, my favorite was the Pimento Burger. If there was one food that I wished it was socially acceptable to eat by the pound, it would be pimento cheese. The sweet and salty combo of sharp chedder, pickled peppers, and fatty mayo and/or cream cheese is quite possibly the cheese god's most glorious gift to the dairy-consuming world. Bang Bang Burgers ups the ante by mixing both jalapenos and bacon into their pimento cheese. Served in a big, melty glob along with a handful of perfectly-fried pickle chips, the combo was really, really good. The meat itself was also really tasty. Bang Bang gives you the option of a single burger (one four-ounce patty) or a double burger (two four-ounce patties), and while they state that their burgers are cooked to order, the lowest temp they will serve is medium. BFTB and I opted for medium-cooked single burgers on each occasion, and were pleased with both the quality and the temperature of the meat. If we had any complaints, it would be that the bun, while delicious, buttery, and perfectly-toasted, was way too big relative to the rest of the sandwich. The bread dwarfed the patty to the point that it drowned out the awesome flavors of the beef and toppings.

Summer Pork Belly Burger

We also really liked the other burgers we tried. The Summer Pork Belly Burger was topped with sweet soy-glazed pork belly, napa cabbage, and Asian pear sesame slaw. While it's darn near impossible to screw up pork belly and thus, I wasn't shocked that it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, I was also really impressed by the slaw. Its fruity sweetness was great with the salty, soy-y burger patty, and made for a really spectacular combo.

Portabella & Gruyere Burger

Guacamole Burger

The burgers from the regular menu were also really tasty. The Portabella & Gruyere Burger was topped with thick strips of grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled onions, melted Gruyere cheese, and whole grain mustard. The thick strips of grilled mushroom were earthy and sweet, which was especially tasty with the melty, nutty Gruyere. The Guacamole Burger was topped with shaved red onion, fire-roasted corn guacamole, and the restaurant's signature Bangburger sauce. I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce and felt that it was completely unnecessary with the insanely juicy and overstuffed sandwich, but enjoyed the other components. 

All in all, we really enjoyed Bang Bang Burgers and are excited to have a new burger joint to add some diversity to our usual rotation of Bad Daddy's and Kickstand. For burgers, Bang Bang Burgers gets an 8.25/10.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

30 Days of Delizioso at La Tagliatella in March

It turns out that La Tagliatella and I share the best of birth months: March. While I don't have any presents to share with the rest of the world, La Tagliatella is running a month-long promotion called "30 Days of Delizioso" to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of the restaurant opening its first location in the United States.

The promotion will vary by week, and the schedule looks pretty good!

March 3 – 9: $5 Lunch Menu – Everything on the lunch menu, including their new burgers & sandwiches, for only $5

March 10 – 16: $5 Pizzas All Day Long (Their pizza is really, really tasty!)

March 17 – 23: $5 Cocktail Flights and Half-Price Bottles 

March 24 – 30: $1 Meatballs (with the purchase of any entrée)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

True Life: I'm Addicted to Salmon (a.k.a. - A Recipe for Homemade Gravlax)

If there's one thing I love in life, it's some Omega 3's (okay... there are a lot of other things I love, namely my family, my friends, my boo, my dog... but who doesn't have a special place in their heart for shiny hair and a healthy cardiovascular system?!). I can unequivocally state that salmon, by far, is my favorite form of the aforementioned fatty acids. A little bored of my typical rotation of salmon nigiri-smoked salmon-broiled salmon, I decided to up my game and test out a new recipe: Homemade Gravlax. 

In preparation for writing this post, I did some intense research (meaning I read a Wikipedia page). Gravlax (which literally means "grave salmon" in Norwegian/Swedish/Dutch) is a dish that is made up of raw salmon that has been cured for multiple days in a sugar-salt-dill combo. In the Middle Ages, Norwegian fishermen would bring in their day's catch of salmon, coat it in salt, and bury it above the high tide line on the beach. After a few days, voila! They'd have a mighty fine assortment of gravlax on their hands. Without a beach or a Norwegian fisherman at my disposal, I turned to my girl Ina Garten for a recipe suitable for this landlubber/wannabe chef. I decided to change up my procedure (Ina doesn't do the plastic wrap-method) and opted (out of pure laziness) to forego the mustard sauce, but I was really, really pleased with the results! I ended up with a high quality, über-fresh fish dish that was just as great atop a bagel as it was eaten alone. And yes, I am really stoked that I just used an umlaut in a sentence.

In case any of y'all want to try your hand at gravlax-making, here's a step-by-step guide!

Step One: Assemble your ingredients.
  • 2 big, center-cut, sushi-grade salmon filets (Ina calls for 3 lbs of fish, but I just selected the biggest, freshest-looking pieces of salmon that Harris Teeter had in stock. While this worked splendidly for my first attempt, I'll probably be less frugal next time and spring for salmon from my beloved Clean Catch Fish Market.)
  • 1/2 cup kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1-ish tbs. of ground white pepper (Ina's recipe uses 2 tbs. of freshly crushed white peppercorns. Since I don't live in the freaking Hamptons and call myself the Barefoot Contessa, I wasn't exactly sure where to find these and settled for their ghetto, ground counterpart.)
  • 1 tbs. fennel seeds
  • 1 giant bunch of fresh dill, washed and dried

Step Two:
Lay one salmon filet, skin-side down, on a big piece plastic wrap.

 Step Two:
Cover the salmon flesh with half of the dill. (I hope you like dill.)

Step Three:
In a mixing bowl, combine the salt, sugar, pepper, and fennel. Coat the layer of dill with the mixture.

Step Four: 
Layer the remainder of the dill on top of the spices. (Seriously, I really hope you like dill.) Then top everything with the other salmon filet, this time flesh-side down. Essentially you've made a salmon and spice sandwich here.

Step Five:
Using a metric asston of additional plastic wrap, tightly wrap the entire "sandwich."
Step Six:
Place your wrapped "sandwich" in a glass dish, then top it with a heavy plate and a few canned goods for added weight.  Place the whole thing in your refrigerator.

Step Seven:
Wait as patiently as possible while your salmon cures for 2-3 days (I waited 2.5), turning the "sandwich" over every twelve hours and re-weighting it with the plate and cans. The longer you wait for the salmon to cure, the drier and saltier it will become. Then unwrap it, toss the dill and seasonings, and wipe away the excess with a wet paper towel.

Step Eight:
Beautifully slice the salmon off the skin (or if you're like me, hack it apart with a butter knife) and serve with toast or bagels and cream cheese.

Step Nine: 
Drink some water, because that biz is really freaking salty.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tupelo Honey Cafe - South End

After being stuck indoors for the majority of this past week, BFTB and I were anxious to get out and about on Saturday and decided to grab some brunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe in South End. In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably share that this was not our first go-round at Tupelo Honey. We visited the restaurant back in December when BFTB's family was in town for our pre-Christmas celebratory meal. Two out of the five of us were pretty pleased with our food, but the service was just about God-awful (and BFTB's sister never even received her meal, despite the fact that we were there for over 2.5 hours). Hoping that our first experience was a reflection of newly-opened-restaurant-jitters, we decided to give Tupelo Honey another shot before passing too much judgment. 

Max really enjoyed this past week's snowstorm... his mom, not so much.

We arrived around 10 A.M. on Saturday morning and seemed to just beat the weekend breakfast rush. Tupelo Honey has a pretty intriguing cocktail list, including the ginormous Tupelo Mega-Mosa and the Moonswine Mary (jalapeno and bacon-infused moonshine blended with Whiskey Willie’s Bloody Mary Mix and garnished with pickled okra), but BFTB and I had some errands to do, and opted to forego the fun beverages for our typical coffee/soda combo. BFTB reported that his coffee was pretty good and comparable to Zada Jane's quality-wise (my Diet Coke was also pretty good, in case anybody is concerned...). 

After perusing the menu for a bit, BFTB decided to order the Fried Egg BLT with a side of home fries and I went with the Eggs Betty with a side of goat cheese grits. We also decided to split an additional side of fried green tomatoes (and by "we decided to split," I mean that I ordered them and demanded that BFTB eat a bite in order to make me feel better about my fatty-ness).

Complimentary biscuits and blueberry jam

Almost immediately, our server brought us each a biscuit along with some homemade blueberry jam and (what else!) a bottle of Tupelo honey. The biscuits were warm, fluffy, buttery, insanely rich, and completely deserving of this Southerner's seal of approval. The jam, on the other hand, was nothing to write home about and I decided to pass it up in favor of a giant glob of super-sweet honey. 

Fried Egg BLT with a side of home fries
Our food arrived shortly thereafter (a welcome change after our first experience!), and we happily began to stuff our faces. BFTB's Fried Egg BLT consisted of two fresh, free-range eggs prepared over hard, two strips of maple peppered bacon, lettuce, tomato, and smoked jalapeno aioli on THC's exclusive sourdough wheat bread. The sandwich was really, really good, but had clearly sat around for a little bit, because it was a little cold. Regardless the disappointment in the temperature department, the bacon was thick and flavorful, the veggies were fresh, the jalapeno aioli was spicy and flavorful. I was also surprisingly impressed with the deliciousness of the fried eggs -hard-cooked yolks normally make me want to yack, but these were eggy without getting any kind of over-cooked sulphur-y taste. The sandwich was also huge, which was a good thing because the home fries were pretty disappointing. I'm guessing that they were fried at an incorrect temperature, because they were soggy and overloaded with grease, rather than crispy and salty as we'd hoped they would be. Maybe if they'd been cooked a little better, they would have been tastier, but they were pretty much devoid of any kind of flavor. BFTB avoided them for the most part, but, despite the heat-related issues, was really happy with his sandwich.

Eggs Betty

My Eggs Betty, Tupelo Honey's southern take on Eggs Benedict, was also really tasty. I never would have thought there would be a way to make a breakfast item richer than classic Eggs Benedict, but serving it atop a buttery biscuit (rather than a basic English Muffin) made it happen. THC's Eggs Betty featured two perfectly poached eggs (seriously, I haven't seen an egg poached this successfully in years of breakfast-eating -the yolk was warm and runny and the white was soft, silky, and completely set... nomnomnommm), thin slices of smoked ham, and a generous blanket of thick, lemony Hollandaise sauce. Although it was way too rich for me to eat over half of it, I really enjoyed each bite and will certainly think about ordering it again the next time I'm jonesin' for something Hollandaise-y.

Fried Green Tomatoes

The best part of my meal, however, was my side of Fried Green Tomatoes, especially in combination with a spoonful of Goat Cheese Grits (if that mix sounds good, you're in luck because the appetizer version of Fried Green Tomatoes is served atop a bed of Goat Cheese Grits). The cornmeal coating on the FGTs was insanely crispy and housed the most delicious, surprisingly un-mushy, tangy tomato of all time. I seriously think I'm going to have glorious dreams about these things for at least a week straight -they were that good. The Goat Cheese Grits themselves were savory and delightful (especially when the entire combination was doused with a little bit of hot sauce), but the combo really was out-of-this-world, flavors-dancing-on-my-tongue incredible. 

All in all, I am SO glad that we decided to give Tupelo Honey Cafe another chance. Our service was ten-thousand times better this go round, and the food was definitely delicious enough to warrant a re-visit. Although I'm fairly certain that their menu is a cardiologist's worst nightmare, the meals are exactly what you think they're going to be -rich, comforting, and busting at the seams with Southern flavor. Despite the few temperature-related missteps, Tupelo Honey Cafe is a solid choice for a hearty brunch. For breakfast food, THC gets a 7.5/10.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crispy Crepe - South End

If you had asked me a few weeks ago what a crêpe was, I would describe a dentist's worst nightmare: a spongy, super-thin pancake stuffed with sugar-laden fillings like Nutella, fruit, honey, and various syrups and topped with a heavy-handed coating of powdered sugar. Having more of a salt-tooth than a sweet-tooth, I blindly determined that I wouldn't like a crêpe and decided to steer clear of Crispy Crêpe and similar joints until a coworker caught me in a hungry moment and asked me to join him there for lunch. As it turns out, there is a lot more to a crêpe than a half moon-shaped blob of sweet mush! Crispy Crêpe's seven page menu features just as many savory crêpes as sweet crêpes, and also includes some other intriguing options: caramelized waffles, sandwiches, salads, eggs, a huge list of caffeinated beverages, and lots more. On that occasion I decided to order the Gyro Crêpe (peppered crêpe filled with Gyro meat, romaine, tomatoes, and onions and served with cucumber-dill sauce) and was pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of flavor packed into the meat, sauce, and even the crêpe batter itself.  Officially a crêpe convert, I visited the restaurant twice last week -once with BFTB and a second time with my friends Lindsey, Cassie, and Kelli. 

Craving something warm and comforting, BFTB and I hit up Crispy Crêpe to snag a late Saturday lunch (and thank goodness it was late, because this place can get packed at lunchtime, particularly when the weather is warm). After studying the menu, BFTB selected the Avocado BLT Crêpe and I decided to go with the Chipotle Chicken Crêpe. Our server quickly brought over our beverages, and I must note that this place has the best fountain drinks in Charlotte. I don't know what voodoo they do on their machines, but the Diet Pepsi at Crispy Crêpe is seriously the most refreshing and perfectly carbonated soda that I have ever consumed (and I'm a Diet Coke girl). 

Avocado BLT Crêpe

Chipotle Chicken Crêpe

Anyway, BFTB's Avocado BLT Crêpe consisted of crisp romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, turkey bacon, and sliced avocado and was drizzled with spicy mustard aioli. I was a little weirded out by the idea of lettuce in a crêpe (I guess I assumed it would get soggy and gross), but it worked in the Avocado BLT. While I definitely prefer regular pork bacon to its turkey-based counterpart, the turkey bacon inside the crêpe was crispy, flavorful, and shockingly tasted like a natural meat product. My Chipotle Chicken Crêpe was also good, but needed a heavy-handed coating of Sriracha to get anywhere near the flavor-level of the Avocado BLT Crêpe. My crêpe consisted of cumin-crusted chicken slices topped with pico de gallo, jack cheese, sliced avocado, and a drizzle of chipotle cream. The chicken was juicy, flavorful (especially when Sriracha'd) and went well with the gooey jack cheese and avocado, but the chipotle cream was a little too much -it kind of felt like I was eating sour cream straight out of the container. As for our sides, BFTB thought his all-strawberries-and-pineapple fruit salad was a little bit of a lame mix, but I thought both fruits tasted fresh and were a solid accompaniment to his savory crêpe. My pasta salad, on the other hand, was a little disappointing as it was both overcooked and underseasoned. Regardless, we were both very impressed with our crêpes and planned to come back ASAP.

S'Mores Latté

When I met my friends on my next visit, they had arrived a little before me (punctuality has never been my strong suit...) and they already ordered S'Mores Lattés (I stuck with the heaven-sent Diet Pepsi, obviously). Even though I'm not a coffee-drinker, I was intrigued by the delicious-looking toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs that topped their foamy drinks. Both Cassie and Lindsey reported that the lattés were delicious, but surprisingly filling and unsurprisingly sugar coma-inducing.

Egg 'n' Turkey Bacon Waffle Platter

All of us decided to order breakfast items, and Kelli went with the Egg 'n' Turkey Bacon Waffle Platter and a side of au gratin potatoes. The waffle was of the liège variety, which sounds pretty fancy but upon conducting some research, I learned that it's really just another term for a Belgian waffle. Kelli was pleased with her choice and it seemed like a good option for somebody who wants a little bit of everything. Cassie ordered the Avocado BLT that BFTB had previously tried and was likewise really impressed.

Egg & Veggie Cheddar Crêpe

Lindsey ordered the Egg & Veggie Cheddar Crêpe, which consisted of a crispy crêpe stuffed with scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, tomatoes, spinach, roasted mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Out of all of our orders, Lindsey's was the biggest and most delicious-looking. She was a huge fan and really enjoyed the massive quantity of fresh veggies pocketed inside the batter. Based on her enthusiastic report, it's definitely next on my list of crêpes to try.

Smoked Salmon Crêpe

I planned to order an egg crêpe but went rogue at the last second and decided to order the Smoked Salmon Crêpe, a dill-crusted crêpe stuffed with herbed cream cheese, red onions, and sliced smoked salmon and topped with chopped deviled eggs and a drizzle of crème fraîche. While I really liked each of the individual components (I am a huge smoked salmon fan and this fish was a perfect combo of sweetness, brininess, and smokiness), the crêpe wasn't a hit as a whole. I think it was a temperature issue and I just wasn't a fan of the salmon/veggie/crème fraîche combo in it's above-lukewarm-but-less-than-hot state. I ended up kind of scalping my meal and eating it from the inside out, which made it more enjoyable. While it wasn't a complete disaster, it isn't something that I think I'll order again. 

All in all, I'm glad that I gave Crispy Crêpe a shot and have discovered (yet another) new food that I really enjoy. The restaurant is most certainly going to be a staple in my rotation of brunch spots and I look forward to trying more of their crêpes and waffles on future visits. While I recommend steering clear of the Smoke Salmon Crêpe (warmed smoked salmon is just weird, people), everything else I've tried is a hit. For brunch spots, Crispy Crêpe gets an 8/10.

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